See how CONQA works

See you can get started proving progress onsite, with CONQA construction field management software.

Our friendly team will walk you through how you can get the most out of CONQA, including how to capture a record of work, report accurately and get paid faster. 

In this session we'll cover how you can;

✅ Get value from digital checklists
✅ Empower your teams by creating transparency across projects
✅ Maximise efficiencies with all stakeholders using digital sign-off processes
✅ Earn your clients trust and benefit from progress tracking
✅ Produce QA reports that act as a single source of truth

AND we can align to your quality model.

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  • Capture a record of work by completing checklists via mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Use offline capability to complete Checklists onsite
  • Photos automatically attach against the correct checkpoint
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Request Sign-off

  • Easy to submit Checklists for sign-off
  • Keep track of all sign-off statuses
  • Signature automatically attaches directly to report
Report accurately
  • Create accurate reports to produce evidence on progress claims
  • Use reporta to mitigate risks and decrease the likelihood of conflicts
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What our customers say

“We use to have thousands of sheets of paper for every job. Now we have all the information in one place”

“Using the right technology has given us an edge as it gives us evidence that what is manufactured is made to the engineer's specifications, every time.”

“We can sell the use of CONQA with our tenders. The main contractor knows that they're going to have something robust to help them with council audits of their QA systems.”