A QA system that helps you grow, instead of holding you back

Better visibility for management, less time spent on paperwork for the people on the jobsite. Exactly what you need to take on bigger and better projects.

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Your entire project in one place

QA systems aren’t effective if they’re siloed across lots of different teams. CONQA puts all your QA information in one place – so you can see where the defects are, how the job’s progressing and what needs to be fixed.

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With CONQA, our customers have achieved:

10 h
saved per week per supervisor
80 %
reduction in defects
100 %
payment on progress claims


“We’ve established a level of transparency that enhances trust with our client."


Ajith Kulappurath

Regional Quality Manager

Why Conqa

“Easy management of ITPs & QA documentation, that can be accessed online on any device by any stakeholder at anytime, providing consistent information sharing.”

Patrick Wardlaw

Contract Manager

Why Conqa

“We used to have thousands of sheets of paper for every job. Now we have all the information in one place."


Jeff Wright

Operations Manager

Why Conqa

“You cannot deliver quality without reviewing each step, but photos are only useful if they are organised and accessible."


David Josey

Project Supervisor

Why Conqa

“The dashboard system makes it really easy for us to log in at any stage during the project and see where our subcontractors are up to with their QA."


Sam Gordon

Project Manager

Why Conqa

“Seeing CONQA starting on one trial site last year to now having 6 sites with more to come..."


David Easton

QA Manager

Why Conqa

“We were pretty fortunate on this project to deliver on time (four months ahead of schedule) under budget and a really premium product.”

Food Stuffs North Island

Head Office and Distribution Centre

CONQA was specified to all contractors on the project.

Live Firm

Why our customers choose CONQA



AE Smith

“The whole construction industry should be using CONQA, because it’s user friendly and it works. Anyone can use it. It’s that simple” "




“It allows our site foremen to spend less time at the office and more time at the work face, supervising our biggest asset, which is our labour force.”




“With the help of CONQA, we can reduce manual paperwork, increase productivity and gain real-time insights throughout the build process. We are proud to be part of this transformation and at the forefront in the quality space.”

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