Ryman Healthcare builds the communities of our future with a scalable QA system

  • November 14, 2021

Ryman Healthcare are leading the way for the construction of aged care infrastructure, working across Australian and New Zealand. Their Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, David Easton speaks to how the company is investing in innovative tools like CONQA as part of their solution to better tracking across all their projects.

Ryman Healthcare’s key focus is the wellbeing and care of the residents of their villages. This duty of care extends to their construction sites, where emphasis is put on Health & Safety, and Quality Assurance practices. They also ensure staff are best equipped for the job through ongoing leadership training and development courses.

Ryman Healthcare understood the range of complexities involved in the management of multiple construction sites while ensuring a quality build, and therefore the need for a centralised, streamlined platform to collect and access QA data. David is the one responsible for driving the QA process. He spends a lot of his time travelling to the various sites in order to review and share the QA plan with the team. He also oversees the employment of staff that will then monitor the progress of QA on each site. David helps each site foreman understand the importance of a robust QA process and supports them as they implement it.

As Ryman Healthcare continues to grow and take on significant projects, a digital QA platform can help ensure everything is done right the first time and boost productivity. CONQA allows David to monitor a project’s real-time QA information anytime, anywhere. He can ensure his site foremen are completing their QA checks accurately throughout the build, and measure project progress so they stay on programme.

“I believe that all trades on the larger sites are realising that clients are demanding certainty that work is being completed to a compliant standard, and it’s the way of the future.”

David especially values CONQA’s ease of use. “If the system isn’t easy to adapt to or use, the team won’t use it and therefore a FAIL,” he says. With the construction industry being one of the least digitalised industries and slow to adopt technology, it is increasingly important that all staff are able to engage and derive value from new technology.

“I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a system go in that people can understand and want to use. I’ve seen CONQA start on one trial site last year to now having 6 sites with more to come overseas.”

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