Why productivity needs to be a priority in the construction industry

  • November 14, 2021

Improving project productivity can help improve your bottom line and reputation. Through the adoption of new technology and through using data to inform the construction process, you can reduce inefficiencies during the build.

Over the last 20 years, other industries have found out how to be twice as productive through using digital technologies. Looking at the construction industry, there is a general lack of efficiency, communication, and trust in the industry, and technology can help change this.

What is causing the lack in productivity?

Productivity is often hindered by rework and errors caused by bad communication and documentation control. With many projects still using paper checklists and folders to complete QA tasks, and store important documentation, it makes it difficult for site teams to have access to the most current job site information. This leads to delays in identifying and fixing errors, and in the sequencing of following trades.

In construction, only 1% of revenue is being spent on software, whereas other industries are spending 3.5% – 4.5% on software. While the industry struggles with a labor shortage, and a shortage of quality crafts-people who do finished work, it also faces the challenge of digitization.

Technology will help increase productivity

The industry could greatly benefit from the uptake of new technology to facilitate collaboration. Comprehensive digital site records will help track progress of a build in real time. Digitisation of these processes can help increase profit margins through the reduction of delays, rework, and paperwork.

Enabling each team member to collaborate on information will help them get their jobs done more efficiently. When each team has the ability to attach photos to show progress and issues, it creates a real-time view of progress on site. This will reduce scheduling errors and make identifying and reporting on defects easier.

Having this real-time view of a project allows for greater transparency throughout the build process, allowing more accurate sequencing of trades and work, and increasing overall productivity.

Make productivity a priority.

‍Conqa is quality assurance software for the construction industry. It helps you record and ensure quality work at every step. Easily document and reference issues at particular site locations, and view all revisions and history for a particular workspace. Always have comprehensive site reports, and real-time view of a project’s progress.‍

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