About us

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Our journey

Founded in 2015, our story stems from the constant challenge of the burden of paperwork in construction. Site supervisors, managers, and engineers on large construction projects grappled with the excessive administrative burdens tied to the crucial quality assurance (QA) process, often working after hours or addressing QA tasks long after the physical work was complete. 

Having now worked with thousands of companies around the world, helping them to complete hundreds of thousands of checklists and send millions of reports, our fundamental focus remains on serving the ground-level heroes.


Revolutionising construction with tech

Our mission is to enable the hard-working men & women on the ground, to drive the results & the productivity the construction industry deserves. By closely collaborating with construction teams, we've identifying critical values that are the DNA of our products and services today:

  • Accountability

  • Team First

  • Transparency

Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

At CONQA, we believe diversity and inclusion are more than just words – they're pillars of our community and innovation. We're committed to creating an environment where diverse voices are heard, respected, and celebrated. Our strength lies in the unique backgrounds, perspectives, and talents of our team members, and we actively work to foster a culture of belonging and equity. We understand that a diverse workforce fuels creativity and drives forward-thinking solutions, essential for transforming the construction industry. Everyone is welcome here, and we're dedicated to ensuring all our people feel valued and empowered to reach their full potential.

Shared values between our product & team

We believe that by sharing the core values of our product with those of our organisation, we can create a powerful cohension between the two. Together, these values shape a work environment where everyone's contribution is not only recognised but celebrated.

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Transparency is key, fostering open communication to drive a high-performing team culture

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Accountability lies at our core, where we embrace both our successes and learnings equally

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Team first

'Team First' is not just a motto; it's our way of acknowledging the power of collective effort

We champion a modern, empowering workplace where choice and autonomy are paramount

Our environment is tailored for individuals who value autonomy and self-direction. The benefits we offer are designed to meet diverse needs and lifestyles, ensuring that each team member has the resources and support to excel on their own terms. From personalised learning opportunities to flexible work arrangements, we provide a range of perks to enable our team to choose what best suits their professional and personal growth. 

  • Empower your growth

  • Share in our success

  • Balance your life

  • Enjoy the journey

Empower your growth

Dive into Innovation Week and personalised education and well-being budgets for continuous skill enhancement..

Share in our success:

Join the Employee Share Options programme and celebrate CONQA's achievements as a team.

Balance your Life

Embrace the freedom to manage your schedule, blending office energy with the flexibility for life’s moments. Lots of flexibility to choose and tailor your workweek.

Enjoy the journey

Connect and unwind with weekly ‘kai for kapa’ (team lunches on us), monthly lunch and learns, games, and social events, fostering a joyous work environment.


Careers | Work with us

Can't find the right role for you? Email us your interest and let's start a convo

Explore your future with CONQA

If you're interested in future opportunities and want to be part of a team that's reshaping the construction industry with technology, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at info@conqahq.com, and let's stay in touch. Your skills and passion could be just what we need for our next phase of growth. 

Keep an eye on our careers page for updates on openings as they become available!

Hiring process

At CONQA, we embrace a hiring approach that values inclusiveness and diversity. We seek individuals who are hungry to make a difference, humble in their interactions, and smart in their approach to work. 

Our process involves understanding not just your skills, but your aspirations and alignment with our core values. From initial application to final interviews, we ensure a transparent, fair, and engaging experience for every candidate.