Precast HQ use CONQA to develop trust with their partners, and a competitive edge


At just four years old, Precast HQ is one of Australasia’s fastest growing precastcompanies.

Director Guy Quaife says the company’s quality and transparent customer service is what sets them apart and why customers keep comingback.

Quality and customer service underpin our brand. When it comes to customer service we have a ‘no surprises’ approach and with our product, we always want to be the best in market,” he says. The company’s rapid rise in the precast industry is in part thanks to their commitment to technology from their early days.

Quaife says when they started out they saw gaps in the industry’s record keeping and wanted to find a way to be the best for their clients.

“That lack of decent documentation for quality assurance processes affected the building industry and its ability to get code compliance. Using the right technology has given us an edge as it gives us evidence that what is manufactured is made to the engineer’s specification, every time. Our customers can see that we’re doing what we say we’re doing,” he says.

And that’s where CONQA comes in.

“We use CONQA to document our processes, to get our product to the standard we expect it to be by the time it goes out the gate,” says Quaife.

The added benefit is that CONQA reflects what Precast HQ is doing in real time and clients and engineers can access the platform off-site which removes admin time.

“Once we’ve met with the engineer for the first time, they can quickly see what we’re doing which helps build trust, then we give them access to the CONQA platform and they can view what we’re doing in real time. It means they can see on CONQA what we’ve done that day and say ‘yip we’re happy for you to go ahead and pour’ without actually visiting the site. It’s a huge time-saver for both us and our customers.”

Quaife says companies put time and effort in to get things right, so they need the proper tools to document the process. “You put all the effort in up front and so you want to have the evidence you’ve got it right, otherwise what’s the point? Using CONQA is just common sense,” he says.

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