Digitise your checklists and capture a record of work onsite

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Powerful tools that are easy to use

team engagement-transparent

Drive team engagement

User-friendly mobile app makes it easy for onsite teams without having to learn a new process

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Remove double handling

Photos automatically attach against the correct checkpoint

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Onsite error prevention 

Complete QA anytime using offline capability and avoid rework

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Create efficiencies

Unlimited Checklist Templates make it quick and easy capture evidence in real-time

Drive efficiencies onsite

Create simple checklist templates, or go more comprehensive with columns, sections, and various data points. There are unlimited templates available. 

Empower your teams 

Site teams can efficiently capture and complete QA tasks while onsite and in real-time, even when you're offline!

Streamline QA workflow 

Group Folders and Checklists together in a single Template making it quick and easy to build out projects or parts of projects.

Record and capture

Take photos onsite and automatically attach to the correct Checkpoint, or bulk upload files and photos from your device straight into CONQA.

Frequently asked questions?

What is a Checklist Template?

A Checklist Template, or resource, is the structure of a checklist you can add to your projects, creating a checklist instance you can record data against.  This is where you set what checkpoints and other components are included in each checklist.  Checklist Templates can be as simple or complex as you need.

How many Checklist Templates can I have in CONQA?

There is no limit on the number of Templates.

Can I add Checklist while onsite?

Yes, you can add additional Checklists outside of the pre-built structures to your CONQA Site App project.

Can you delete Checklists and Folders in CONQA?

You can delete full folders, or individual Checklists within a Folder from your app, anytime anywhere.

Can I rename Folders and/or Checklists?

Keep your QA records up-to-date with CONQA, simply head to your app from phone, tablet or computer and navigate to the relevant Checklist you need to rename - from there, it's easy!

See how CONQA works

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