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Identify effors quickly







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On large construction projects, it’s not uncommon to see mistakes that can lead to costly repairs and delays. Some mistakes are not always that easy to fix, and errors in structure could lead to entire projects not passing inspection. Lengthy programme delays can affect profit margins, and could end up with no profits at all. With this in mind, we want to help you keep on top of things with our top tips on addressing errors on a construction site.

Identify errors quickly

Being able to quickly identify and address mistakes can help prevent extensive rework on big projects. Knowing exactly which trade or team is responsible will also help speed up the process in fixing the error. In order to solve the issue quickly and efficiently, teams need to be able to flag defects with photographic evidence. Having the ability to take time and date-stamped photos, will greatly improve efficiency in recording these errors.


With so many different trades and teams on a project, communication can get complicated. Which is why it is important to ensure there is a clear way for teams to communicate any construction mistakes to all the relevant parties. Errors in work should be easily communicated to the right trades and teams, and key stakeholders should be responsible for completing any fixes in a timely manner in order to keep the build productive.


Assess how you handled the situation

It’s always important to look back on how errors were handled. This is so you can recognise what worked and what didn’t. Evaluating how efficiently you communicate mistakes, and how quickly they are solved will be key to ensuring a productive build in the future. It can also help fine tune the process of how errors are communicated and addressed.

Quickly addressing errors reduces profit loss

With high costs, slim profit margins and tight deadlines, it’s in your best interest that a project goes according to plan. Ensuring errors are quickly identified and addressed will ensure you meet important timelines and inspections. Conqa gives you the ability to take time and date stamped photos to highlight errors and send reports to quickly communicate these

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