Lot Management

Stay ahead of your project with CONQA's Lot Management


CONQA's new Lot Management is a intuitive solution designed for Infrastructure Site Engineers, Project Managers, Site Managers and Quality Managers.

Lot Management provides visibility across Lots to ensure accountability at every stage of a project delivery. 

offline capability

Offline capability

Track progress on ITPs and Lots anywhere, any time



Mitigate risk with comprehensive reports

user friendly


Our cost-effective implementation allows for scalability and is a ideal fit for any sized project



Create a collaborative and efficient team culture

"We are always looking for new and inventive ways to strengthen and streamline our processes. With the help of CONQA, we can reduce manual paperwork, increase productivity and gain real-time insights throughout the build process."

Ajith Kulappurath - Regional Quality Manager, Fulton Hogan


Features and capability

Intuitive features designed to take the ambiguity out of Lot Management

Metrics and Insights

Monitor Lot progress onsite and in real-time with our comprehensive and user-friendly insights tool, so you can stay ahead on your projects.

Mobile availability-transparent

Mobile capability

Add, update and capture Lot progress anywhere, anytime with the convenience of Mobile and Offline Lot completion capability. 

Lot Register

Use the Lot Register to document and monitor on-site progress in real time.

Lot Register - table-transparent

What our customers say

“With CONQA I'm saving two hours a day on ITP work”

“We were pretty fortunate on this project to deliver on time (four months ahead of schedule) under budget and a really premium product"

“You put all the effort in up front and so you want all the evidence you've got it right, otherwise what's the point? Using CONQA is just common sense."

Frequently asked questions

Who is Lot Management intended for?

Infrastructure Site Engineers, Project Managers, Quality Managers (& Quality Teams).

How many Users can be enabled on Lot Management?

There is no limit on the number of Users.

How do I get started using Lot Management?

Our team will get you up and running in no time with our simple out of the box Lot Management solution. If you find that you require additional data our implementation team can work with you to customise your solution on a case-by-case basis.

Is Lot Management available on Mobile?

Yes! You'll have access to Lot Management on Mobile and offline to ensure that you and your team are capturing critical information on-site in real time.

If I have an existing project underway, can I still use Lot Management?

Yes, our onboarding team will help you through the process and can upload and create your existing Lots inside CONQA's Lot Management.

Can I see which Lots are opened and which Lots need attention?

Yes, the Lot Management dashboard will provide you with accurate, up to date insights that your team can use to make time critical decisions and ensure all Lots are closed out.

See how Lot Management works

Talk to one of our friendly team to see how Lot Management will help you deliver projects on time and within budget.