Create accurate reports to produce evidence on progress claims

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Eliminate conflicting records


Single source of truth

Generate reports in PDF format that can be emailed to key stakeholders

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Create efficiencies

Create QA Reports based on specific Checklists or entire projects

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Mitigate risk

Evidence of compliance in the palm of your hand

Share progress quickly

QA Reports are downloadable PDF reports that give you a detailed overview of your project.

Build what you need

Choose from either a QA report, Failed Checkpoint Report or QA with History report to showcase the information you require.

Keep it professional

Attach a custom cover sheet to your report for a personalised and professional touch.

Find reports with ease

Use the Report Centre to find a QA Report location, the date it was generated, the type of report, view and generate a shareable link.

Frequently asked questions?

Where can I send QA Reports from?

CONQA let's you send QA reports from both the desktop and mobile app.

Do I need a CONQA account to view reports?

No, anyone can view these.

What types of reports are there?

CONQA has three reports available, QA Report, Failed Checkpoint Report and QA with History Report.

What level of detail can I find in QA Reports?

Reports include hyperlinks to find  information you need quickly and high definition photos that can be zoomed in on to view further detail.

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