Easy to submit checklists or hold points for sign-off. Track all sign-off statuses.

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Never miss a Sign-off

team engagement-transparent

Increase team collaboration

Stay connected and up to date with the ability to track progress while on the go

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Create efficiencies

Track and complete Sign-off requests on multiple sites without having to be onsite

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Mitigate risk

Evidence of compliance in the palm of your hand

Easily submit requests

Sign-off requests & approvals are processed via email, or checkpoints within CONQA that allow for remote sign-off.

Stay informed

Receive notifications in CONQA's Sign-off tool and email alerts when a sign-off is assigned to you.

Progress Sign-off quickly

Need to resend an incomplete sign-off request or submit a new sign-of request? CONQA lets you do both.

Remove bottlenecks

Ready to close a pending Sign-off request on your own? With CONQA, you can close any outstanding requests yourself.

Frequently asked questions?

What is a Sign-off?

Site Contractors and onsite teams submit Sign-offs for checklists or checkpoints completed onsite. Site Engineers or Project Managers complete these Sign-off requests.

What are hold points?

A hold point is a point that holds up the completion of the Checklist and is a common term used in the Industry. A Sign-off list is another term used when referring to a Holdpoint - specific to the Infrastructure industry.

How are Sign-off requests completed?

The requestee receives an email notification to complete the action. Once it has been completed it will be moved to the sign-off register as 'closed' in CONQA.

Can you create mandatory Sign-off or Holdpoints?

Yes. Sign-offs can be set to mandatory at an account level. Turning this setting on ensures all Sign-off fields across all projects in your account require a signature before any subsequent checkpoints can have a status set. 

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