Vast Electrical embrace the digital advantage 


“The main thing we love about CONQA is that it saves time. Instead of walking the job and waiting for Alimaks, you can easily view what’s been completed and by who by logging in from the site office. And we’re no longer wasting hours filling out thousands of pages of paper copy ITPs.”

In the fast-paced world of construction, efficiency and accuracy are crucial for electricians to successfully complete their work on time and without errors. While traditional methods of manual documentation risk mistakes and delays, by adopting digital solutions electricians can revolutionise their workflow and get to the end goal with ease.

Melbourne-based company Vast Electrical is known for their high quality work across multiple projects including Liberty One in Footscray and Union Quarter in Spotswood. As shown on their website, Vast Electrical prides themselves on their ability to deliver, stating “We get the job done on time and on spec. We’ve never missed a deadline and never paid LDs.”

We asked the Vast Electrical team to share their experiences with CONQA, a comprehensive digital QA system being used by not only the project team but builders and project stakeholders as well. An important part of implementing a digital QA system is that it’s accessible to everyone – gone are the days when only a few individuals have access to critical information.

A Site Foreman states “CONQA is perfect for uploading all job-associated plans for all workers to access at any time. It’s then up to everyone on site to use it.” To start your project with us, get in touch at This ensures that everyone in the project is across the latest plans, specifications and guidelines regardless of their technical expertise. “It secures ac countability & responsibility with those completing the works.”

A QA system is only as good as the information it captures. “CONQA is very easy to use, it’s great for uploading photos at rough-in that you can look back on and locate cables when walls are sheeted.” an onsite team member explains. With this tool, they can be confident site teams will be able to capture all the critical details of their work, which they can leverage later.

The benefits of using CONQA extend beyond the electricians themselves. Builders and other project stakeholders can also leverage its “quality and factual reporting” to monitor progress, mitigate potential risks and resolve any disputes. “Our building partners can track the job and if something were to potentially happen in an area that’s already closed out, CONQA’s photos and time stamps can be used to show what stage the area was left in.”

The adoption of digital solutions, like CONQA, in the construction industry transforms workflows and enhances collaboration. Vast Electrical’s experience with CONQA showcases the time-saving benefits, accessibility, and user-friendly nature of the system, all of which contribute to more efficient and accurate project completion. Embracing digital solutions in construction is a necessary step toward meeting the fast-paced demands and ensuring success in an ever growing industry.

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