AMP'T use CONQA to "take questions away from their progress claims" 


“Quality Assurance (QA) allows us to be a company that takes a proactive approach to achieving the same level of workmanship across multiple regions and sites”

Jonty Jones is part of a team of hard working experts at AMP’T Electrical who provide the full gamut of electrical installations on residential and commercial construction projects across New Zealand. The company sets out to attract professionals who value being part of a talented, passionate team- “because when you live, work and play in your “backyard”, it’s your job to take care of it.”

In the past, AMP’T Electrical used manual QA processes, primarily relying on paper checklists in job folders. This meant they had to keep track of documents going to and from the site and remember to check them. They also lacked confidence in whether the team had actually completed the QA checks on-site or just ticked all the boxes at home afterward. The latter behaviour, often referred to as ‘tick and flick’ QA, does nothing to mitigate the risk of clashes or mistakes, which can at best disrupt the successful delivery of the project- at worse seriously compromise the integrity of the build.

“As a project manager, it’s my job to send our QA to the client. It’s great to have a strong selling point during discussions with main contractors by demonstrating how we use CONQA as our QA system for all our projects. It shows that we are leading the way on our sites. Nowadays, most main contractors expect some kind of digital QA, so it’s definitely the direction the industry is heading in.” says Jonty.

CONQA’s app makes it easy for site teams to follow a standard checklist and populate records live onsite, with photos, from their phone. Everything is instantly updated on the platform for the rest of the team, removing the need to track these records down from the office. This accessibility and intuitive design is critical for QA checks to be done properly: “We’ve had good uptake from the site teams and admin. It’s user friendly, the structure can be changed to suit different job types, and offers really good support.”

As a result, CONQA provides Project Managers like Jonty with a digital QA system he can rely on to get the job done: “it ensures we are completing our QA every time and capturing the right information, all following the same process.” And not only in theory, but in practice- Jonty explains, “We’ve had many instances where wall finishes or cabinetry have been damaged and the finger pointing starts- if we had had CONQA back then we would have been able to prove how the product was installed, when and how we left the site before other trades came through. Now with the information we capture in CONQA we have been able to limit liability, and show that the damage was not a result of our work.”

Similarly this evidence of work completed in CONQA can naturally support subcontractors’ payment process – “it has helped take questions away from our progress claims.”

“We pride ourselves on being an innovative company and like working alongside other companies and brands that will help set us apart from others. People like us trying to take the next step in growing their business would benefit most from a tool like CONQA” says Jonty.

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