Powerful features

Features built for site teams and back office operations, CONQA makes it easy to capture evidence, track progress onsite, and report accurately


Digitise your Checklists and capture a record of work onsite

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Submit Checklists or hold points for Sign-off. Track all Sign-off statuses

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Create accurate reports to produce evidence on progress claims

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Lot Management

Stay ahead of your project with CONQA's Lot Management


What our customers say

Our site teams can now add and update crucial information in real-time, which significantly improves how we plan, execute, and communicate progress to all stakeholders. Lot Management is key to our operational success, and CONQA enables us to streamline the Lot Management process as well as making our quality tracking and submission process much easier. This increased transparency has helped to demystify potential risks and we now have clear accountability throughout every phase of the project.

"You cannot deliver quality without reviewing each step, but photos are only useful if they are organised and accessible”

“Easy management of ITPs and QA documentation, that can be accessed online on any device by any stakeholder at anytime”

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