Add Floors are Delivering Quality on Government Projects

  • November 14, 2021

Add Floors is one of the largest providers of flooring services to the healthcare, aged care and correctional industries in NSW.

Their commitment to quality is one of the reasons their customers keep coming back and why they continue to win large-scale government clients.

Project Manager Perry Rutter says they have to provide Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) throughout builds and at the end of projects to prove their work is to the highest standard.

“We have to show that we’ve checked the quality of our work is up to the builder’s specifications, that we’ve installed the right materials and abided by Australian standards. It also ensures our subcontractors are installing as they should be,” he says.

ITPs have always been a time-consuming job for Add Floors, due to the size of the builds they are involved in. On some jobs they are required to complete ITPs for hundreds of separate rooms for Quality Assurance (QA), which can take hours out of a working day.

Perry says using CONQA has changed al l that.

“Previously we had to upload photos to a computer, print off paper checklists then  walk around and sign everything off,” he says.

Now that all the information can be collated in CONQA directly from the contractor’s phone at the time the work is being done, it’s much more efficient.

“It’s so easy to manage because all the information is kept in the app in one place, we don’t have to dedicate as much time to it as we had to before when it was a paper-based job, we can do it as we go,” says Perry.

“CONQA has streamlined our whole QA process. It makes us so much more efficient, which in turn makes us more competitive,” says Perry.

Perry says they’ve saved hours every day since they started using CONQA.

“On a daily basis I save up to two hours of ITP work. This makes us more money because we’re not dedicating anywhere near as much time to it, and I’m using that time to bid for more work.”

Want to know how our customers achieve these benefits? Book a no obligation, free demo with us and we’ll show you how the product works.

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