How real-time data can improve efficiencies on construction sites

  • November 14, 2021

As digitisation in the construction industry continues to ramp up, more construction companies are starting to see the value in real-time data. Real-time data can help construction companies and sites have a clear view of progress and processes. This will help in optimising inefficiencies between field and office.

We share what real-time data is and how it can help you improve productivity and mitigate risks.

What is real-time data?

Real-time data is business data that is relayed from site to office in real-time. It is a great way to improve processes and become more efficient. In construction you can check the progress of job sites, quality checks, and even equipment. You can start reducing non-productive times and improve your processes to help teams do their jobs more efficiently.

Phones and tablets helping you facilitate real time data

The processing capabilities of phones and tablets has meant that there are more software options available to construction companies. Mobile software can easily help construction sites better capture work, errors, and variations with the office. It also helps construction companies reduce paper and paperwork. With both office and site using the same software, the flow of information will help increase collaboration, productivity, and efficiency through better communication.

BIM and real-time data

BIM(Building information modelling) and real time data can be used to ensure that every building is built according to design. Coupled with a comprehensive QA system, BIM and real-time data can reduce errors, keep a project on schedule, and help the sequencing of trades. BIM can also help with the estimation of materials, and can highlight any maintenance issues before the project starts. Real-time data coupled with BIM and a QA system can let you know exactly what need to be done.

Location data

Knowing exactly what is being worked on when, will give you good insight into how your project or build is progressing. It can show you if a particular area is running behind schedule or is ahead of schedule. Using QA checks as a measure of progress is key for tracking as it’s usually one of the final checks to be done upon work completion. This will help with reporting to key stakeholders and progress claims against work done.

Improve your productivity with data

Data helps facilitate transparency across all important aspects of a build. With more teams collaborating, and the office and field being on the same page about progress without communication delays, you can greatly improve productivity and improve your processes to optimise for efficiency.

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