Signal & Hobbs leap ahead with fast Quality reporting

  • November 14, 2021

Signal & Hobbs are a roofing specialist company based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They believe that the key deliverables in construction should always be Quality, Cost, and Capability. They also understand that successful tendering means delivering all three of those outcomes, which can be difficult.

After trialling the CONQA Quality Assurance (QA) system on selected projects: The Glen Shopping Centre expansion project, Probuild Constructions and Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, Kane Constructions- they decided to roll it out across all their projects moving forward.

Director and Project Manager Wayne McLean found they were able to harness CONQA to unlock value across all three of deliverables.

“CONQA has allowed our site managers and project teams to record and report on quality issues in real time in the field. By using CONQA we have eliminated defects before our clients are aware of them, we generate completion and handover reports which can be issued to all project stakeholders from mobile devices. This protects us and our clients from damage by following trades. CONQA has helped our business leap to the next level in Quality reporting.”

The ITPs loaded into CONQA ensure specified materials are identified and recorded in the app. Any unspecified material is captured at the delivery stage reducing the risk of sub-standard or defective products being installed.

“Previously QA reports for progress claims would consume our site managers and back office administrators. The workflow included multiple people who would spend many hours each month compiling and submitting complex QA information. This included marked-up plans, ITR’s, images from site and diary notes. CONQA puts together all required information and provides QA reporting at the touch of a button.”

Want to know how our customers achieve these benefits? Book a no obligation, free demo with us and we’ll show you how the product works.

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